About me

I can keep talking with you on topics that fascinate me; like science, philosophy and mathematics. I like sweets. A lot. I am open minded to the point of naivety. I have been working (unsuccessfully) on improving my handwriting for the past 8 years. You can message me and will find that I am an open book, ask any question without fear of offending me.

I was born to Arpitha and Prasad on 8th July 1995. My dad wanted my name to have both their names in it and not just his, seeing as it takes two to make a baby. I grew up in the town of Palakkad which is nestled under the western ghats right next to the 30 km palakkad gap which is the gateway to Kerala. I spent 2 years before I was 10 years old studying in The Lawrence School, Lovedale. I did my 11th and 12th grade studies in the Computer Science stream at MIRS Sriperumbudur. Then it was 4 years at NIT Trichy, where I graduated in 2017 with a BTech in Instrumentation and control. I spend the next year preparing for the Civil Services Examination from Rajendra Nagar. After all that I had clarity on what I wanted. I want to learn and teach. I want to become a professor.

I am currently doing my PhD from IISc. I am a Prime Minister's Research Fellow and have come in some newspapers - Malayala Manorama (മലയാള മനോരമ ദിനപ്പത്രം), Indian Express and Mathrabhumi.

Few of the things that I love to tell people about is the Research Debt, how awesome the stackexchange sites are, how we need to talk about meaningful electoral reform, ensure we have the Right to Repair, care about the Terms of Service we agree to, why we use innuendo, how 3b1b is just a legend! 💖 I am unashamedly a fanboy.

We have to look beyond using just plain text and images to disseminate knowledge. I think explorable explanations is the future. Some examples you can check out are quaternions, algorithms, and  Evolution of Trust. Look just go find a topic you like here and please spread the word!