Amélie (2001)

My movie review of Amelie (2001).

This is a movie review with some minor SPOILERS, skip to the end for the spoiler free summary. I heard about here at various times but after seeing her as the profile picture of fitgirl, I knew that I had to watch the movie.

I initially watched a bit at the start with my sister. I fell asleep cause I was so tired that night. Now months later it is only now that I found the time to watch it. Mainly because I really have to delete stuff from my laptop.

I really did enjoy the movie despite not knowing a single word in french language (except amour of course!). I really liked how they portrayed that introverted girl. Somehow from the trailer I expected a lot more magical stuff, a fantasy theme. But it was more like how imagination was creatively portrayed in Hyouka.

"I am curious" - this is from Hyouka. (I highly recommend the anime)

It felt really natural and smooth the way the "supernatural" elements was animated. The photos that spoke or the paintings that moved. Very well done, lots of attention to detail. Her turning into water was a scene I really identified with. I have really wished the earth would swallow me up sometimes.

The movie also has other sub plots that get developed in the background and is also concluded neatly at the end. Like the gnome that travels, the wife who pines for her husband, the revenge on the grocer. I don't see any obvious way in which these threads intersect but it was nice. All the characters were well fleshed, great acting.


So I really recommend this movie if you are looking for something to just sit back and enjoy. It's the kind of slice of life movie, with a lot of stuff that you can think about but is also worth a single simple watch.

The story follows a young lonely girl who goes out to seize the opportunities, to do good to others. While on the way we meet other interesting characters. Nothing too flashy or adventurous. But its a nice change of pace from the modern movies.