A review of some chocolates I recently tried. I try to describe the taste, recommend if you should try them out. Pictures, calories, and weight are cataloged.

I inherited a sweet tooth from my mom. I got her recently to stop eating chocolates after sharing some icky facts about what is inside chocolates. I stopped struggling with sugar cravings once I tried the keto diet for a few months (lost 10 kg in the process).

Recently a store selling imported chocolates opened near me so I decided to buy a few chocolates. I used to be able to eat quite a lot of chocolates daily, now my capacity to handle sugar has severely diminished.

I wanted to write a post reviewing some of my favorites, so here goes

1) Galaxy Ripple Milk Chocolate Bar

33g feels like too little
The layers inside with all these holes.

This had the unmistakable taste of galaxy chocolate. In this one the milk tastes more rich, the sweetness is not as biting, it is more mellow here. But the texture is more layered, breaking so easily to the bite. The outer layer is a crisp galaxy layer which becomes thick and refuses to melt, it's viscous and sticks to the throat. There is a similar aftertaste just like the regular galaxy it's not too different. I'd recommend a pass on this. You can rather buy the cheap 20 Rs one rather than spend 100 Rs on these 538 kcal sticks.

2) Cadbury Twirl

This is part of 5 piece set with 21.5 g per piece.
Thick chocolate bar

This chocolate here has a rough graverly texture. It feels like many stacks of stiff noodles make up the chocolate. A dry powdery type of chocolate after a few seconds. Pretty much the classic Cadbury chocolate but sweeter. It's hard to control how fast you swallow it and within seconds it's over and it leaves you wanting more. 114 cal is worth it. 285 Rs for 5 sticks, 57 Rs is a steal for the Cadbury twist.

3) Cadbury Wispa

25g of goodness
tons of holes.

This chocolate is really chunky and solid. It breaks out in large pieces and gives the illusion of strength. It surprisingly turns into powder and disappears quickly in your mouth. The texture is as if there are millions of tiny micro holes permeating the solid trademark Cadbury chocolate. A very unique taste where you feel like you wished it lasted longer, maybe you wish it had some caramel or something viscous that let the taste last longer. This has none of that, it is just chocolate. A bar will be over within seconds...  139 cal for 71 Rs is definitely worth a try.