Korean dramas are TV shows made in South Korea. These shows are interesting to watch for various reasons.

Some of these reasons are the background music, method acting of the highest quality, stylish quality of wardrobe that they wear, really really attractive casting. The romance genre is well developed in this industry, they have solid tropes that are reused and well excecuted in most shows.

They build anticipation, and slowly escalate the relationship. There is plenty of comedy and the writer is not afraid to use fate to set up interesting coincidences.

The pacing is intense and it is hard to pause watching, starting a show often means it consumes all your time. People end up going on marathon binging sessions.

After you watch a dozen shows you might start to find the plot predictable. Even then it can still be entertaining, a kind of mindless fun. You can switch off your brain and enjoy it.

These shows also give you insight into the kind of fantasies a lot of girls have regarding romance and courtship. So while a lot of media is made for the male gaze, seeing content made for the female gaze is very illuminating.

An unexpected side effect of watching kdrama was finding out some quirky characteristics of life in S. Korea.

1) The selling and purchasing of each other's good dreams as a good luck charm.

2) Lots of koreans believe that it can be fatal to run a electric fan in a closed room with unopened or no windows.

3) They believe pricking your thumb or pressing the point between the thumb and index finger can treat indigestion.

4) Koreas have elaborate methods to take care of their skin, they also consume a variety of drinks with aid digestion.

1) She Was Pretty - a rom com with a lovable 2nd male lead. This has Go Joon-hee looking gorgeous.

2) Fight For My Way - They manage to make Aegyo not cringe. That is how epic this show is, the action scenes, the brilliant chemistry. This is a gem of a show where it shows friendship turning into romance.

3) Sky Castle - It takes a critical look at the life of children born to the wealthy. The burden of expectations they carry, the intense competition for the limited seats in top universities. This drama can be engaging and really relatable if you ever studied for a competitive exam or had asian parents. Just watch it.

4) Secret Garden - This has the switching body trope, but very well excecuted romantic comedy. I watched this twice.

5) Healer - we have brilliant action scenes. The chemistry and romance ends up tugging at your heartstrings.

6) My Love From The Star - Here our male lead who is a alien which landed on earth 400 years ago. He has all sorts of superhuman abilities.

7) Pinocchio - we have the handsome Lee Jong-suk who suffered as a kid due to the media sensationalizing his dad's death. A very cute romance.

8) Hotel King - we have a competent hotel manager as the male lead. The female lead is the rich heiress in this show for a change.

9) Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - This is pure unadulterated comedy. We have a petite short cute girl who is hancock level strong. She becomes a body guard to a rich heir and their relationship develops  with time.

10) Uncontrollably Fond - be warned, you will cry. You will love this. The romance here is the best that kdrama can offer. Just watch it.. go...

Just listening to the OST is enough to make me start sobbing

11) My Golden Life - This is a family drama revolving around the life of a family whose daughter was switched with a chaebol family. Will she leave the parents who raised her for her biological parents who can offer her a comfortable luxurious life? With 52 episodes this is a long ride but worth it.

12) High Society - I love how the male lead Sung Joon  is all logical. The romance is also really thrilling with the female lead trying to find someone who loves her without knowing about her wealth.

13) Because This Is My First Life - This male lead seems a bit autistic so I can relate. He likes his life all planned out, he has routines that he follows. This story has circumstances forcing the couple together. A marriage of convenience. Jung So-min is adorable so very easy on the eyes.

14) Still 17 - a 17 year old violin prodigy falls into a coma and wakes up 13 years later in a 30 year old body. She goes back to her old home and finds others living there. They let her stay because she has no one else to turn to. Well, then love blossoms ;)

15) Welcome to Waikiki 2 -  This is more over the top than season 1, but the seasons are quite seperate. Both shows are peak comedy but I liked S2 more by a bit. The show follows a group of friends trying to keep a guest house business profitable.

16) Good Manager - Let me introduce you to this badass accounting genius who does taxes for the mafia. Namkoong Min outdid the more famous Lee Jun-ho in this show with his awesome acting. Some of the best OSTs I have heard did date. The comedy and intelligence the dude displayed makes this a must watch.

17) Strongest Deliveryman - we see a prodigal son living his life hedonistically. Instead of the typical wealth difference we have a great romance with the 2nd couple both being from rich familes. The main lead is a charismatic popular self made delivery man who falls for a fellow delivery women.

18) What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim - Our male lead only realizes how much he relies on his secretary when she decides to quit. So that is when he starts his journey to ensure she does not leave him.

19) Law School - If ideals like the rule of law, truth, justice make you hyped then this is a must watch. The drama is gripping with its plot twists. The best part is this is a theme that deserves more attention - a lot of human progress is due to the values we hold dear. We give up ideas like presumption of innocence, etc at our own peril.

Comment below if you want me to add more to this list....