A collection of quotes that I love. Succinct quotes that leave you deep in thought are the best.

I am meticulous in collecting good quotes. It's like a good joke, I feel like a good quote manages to capture a very important idea using the right words or analogies. Clear and short - succinct quotes are the best. But between them, I prefer clarity if its too complex to make it short.

So I wanted to make this post for a long time now. I have been collecting these quotes for years now. I'll categorize them and release them as separate posts. I plan to order them such that atleast the same author comes right next to each other.

I also want to make a post for each of these quotes explaining my take on it. That post will be the link the body of the quote links to. The link from the author will point to the citation for the quote. Many quotes are misattributed, but I don't really mind. The point is what the quote means for you.

Science Quotes

These quotes deal with physics, logic and the motivations to engage in scientific enterprise.

Math Quotes

These quotes serve to delineate the status of Mathematics. How it is distinct and special from other fields. It talks about its limitations, its practitioners, further the analogies and notations used.

Philosophy Quotes

Most of the quotes that I could not place in the others come in here. Philosophy is so broad and accepts all aspects of enquiry.  So this is a long read.

Social Science Quotes

Quotes that deal with politics, sociology, tradeoffs between value systems that uphold order. Even those concerning History, Economics, Psychology come here.

Love Quotes

Love - the best drug that I've been able to try till date. Quotes about how and why we are drawn like moths to this ideal.

Finally there are some controversial quotes in there. The fact that a quote makes me think, does not mean I agree with (or endorse) it. The reason I like these quotes is because it starts a discussion inside my head as I try to expand on it.